Friday, 13 January 2017

Pretend Play: Mary had a little lamb

Missy and I were able to spend sometime at home if we weren't out to Ah tai’s place to keep her company over the holidays whilst AIL was out for work. In an average, Missy and I get to spend our quiet (literally) and just-the-two-of-us time once a week during the weekdays. She was able to have uninterrupted sleep and woke up around 9.30am-10.00am, unlike usual days when mommy and daddy are working, we had no choice to carry her out while she’s still asleep, and usually with much movements, she would usually get up sooner.

One morning, upon waking up bright and cheerful, this little girl requested me to sing ‘little lamb’ while pulling her pony with a rope halter and pretending herself as Mary. Not forgetting to mention that she made mommy to sing 'Mary had a little lamb' for umpteenth of times while happily walked her 'lamb' around. It is absolutely cute seeing how imaginative kids can be :)

Happy 'Mary' with her 'lamb'

Walking her 'lamb' around

Decided to 'ride' on her lamb :P

Time for a give back. 'Mary' carried her pet on her shoulder.

Looked very pleased but not until...

Mary found mommy paparazzi an annoyance :P

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 in a review

Twenty-sixteen had been a great one for all of us in the family. Albeit there was no spectacular nor outstanding achievements as far as I could remember, but I intend to jot what we have come along thus far. Over the second half of the year, my girl has developed a reading habit, attended RE Sunday Classes as an underaged and had her first on-stage performance in October and another one last night during Thanksgiving Night Service, and is semi-successfully potty trained (Dec 2016), having her monthly progress fully updated throughout the year (17th-28th months) these were probably the main highlight of 2016.

After Thanksgiving Night dinner at church 

For the family, we have survived two road trips back to my hometown (Sept & Dec 2016). Back then, I would be the first to go against long hours of road trip. I used to be very apprehensive and intimidated just by the idea of being a passenger for a 5-6 hours of journey. But, the experience we gained had proved me wrong.

On a personal front, I have failed to complete my dissertation on time and had been requesting for an extension, did not complete my racing car and is dubious of myself if I can complete them before CNY 2017 (because we acquired the set during our previous CNY 2016) and let alone my long-overdue wedding photobooks which I intend to complete. Somehow, the bible verse that goes ‘You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail (Proverbs 19:21)’ is certainly right. In contrary to the ‘failures’ or delays above, I have graduated for one more time in last Sept 2016. Holidays throughout 2014 and 2015 spent for attending courses as early as Missy was barely 3 months old has officially ended. I am utterly grateful for the support and constant prayers from my beloved husband and family members. Not to mention, the in-laws who sacrificed their sleep to look after Missy overnight when she was younger.

Not having my racing car completed may be a convenient excuse to giving way to the boss to display his numerous addition of ‘cars’ (the way Missy puts them) and many other Lego buildings including a ferris wheel, carousel and a Disneyland! Talking about display, we certainly need a new platform for our mini township. Besides, I managed to develop part of our Hong Kong trip in 2013 into 4R pieces via Pixajoy (Dec 2016). I am very pleased with the end result and foreseeing myself coming back for their services soon. Such a convenience at our fingertips. On top of that, I have embarked into sewing. Loving this new hobby of mine and I am hopeful if I can come up with more projects soon rather than just altering/repairing :P

Looking forward to a better year in twenty-seventeen and Abby will be registering for Kindy in March 2017 (almost one year ahead) as she will be entering a new chapter in her life in 2 years down the road. I am wishful that I can allow her to enjoy her toddlerhood with more fun activities before writing and spelling come into the picture. Time to get a bandana with ‘Getting Organised’ mantra printed on it. Hehe. How time flies! Today is the first blank page of a brand new 365 pages book. Let's write a good one.  

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Paper & Pen

Whenever we are dining out or attending church services, I would usually pack Missy’s busy bag; from puzzles, wooden toys, fancy stationaries, books etc. In fact, she had no strong preference towards an item after another except for the tendency to look for her 'cut fruits toy' a couple of times when I didn't bring them out for church service. I just pack a variety and changes the item each time we go out. When she has friends about her age, she will be all fine and generously lending them and sharing theirs. But, when she being the only kid amongst adults, she would start getting restless pretty quick, and all the stuff I brought along for her to play with were usually short-lived. 

But, it was rather exceptional last Friday when we attended a wedding banquet, she was rather cooperative and well-behaved and not to mention, she managed to sit almost throughout the session. All that kept her occupied were merely 2 pieces of pink florescant A4 papers and my Faber-Castell True Gel Colour (purple) pen I found in my bag. We spent a good time scribbling and drawing ‘Umpty Umpty’ (the way she calls Humpty Dumpty), tracing hand palms and had manicures too (drawing objects she fancies on her finger nails with the gel pen)! I have never expected that simple pleasures can come from just paper and pen or have I complicated things all these while? :P So, these were my ‘babysitter’ for the whole night hence they certainly worth a mention here :) 

Froggy by daddy

Mostly Humpty Dumpt(ies)

'Baby Shark's' Family, Hand palms & more


By aikoakito