Sunday, 4 June 2017

Pretend Play: Doctor Abby

Little Miss Abby was into Doctor play since many moons back. Thus far, we have gotten her 3 doctor play sets and occasionally, she was given the privilege to play with her doctor gugu (paternal aunt) and sook-sook’s (paternal uncle) stethoscope. Besides, she has started to take a liking to watching cartoon the moment she discovered Doc McStuffin by chance. Since then, she has been starting to evolve as the ‘family’s doctor’. There was a phase when she kept chanting ‘Doctor Pang’ and self-proclaimed herself as ‘doctor’ at home and the in-laws. LOL.

She can fix toys, relief pain, giving a jab using her cough syrup’s syringe, wrapping teddy’s head with tissue as a bandage, reliving mommy’s water plant by adding water from the tap. 

She loves to be read all sorts of doctor-related materials from the Doctor for a day, Emergency Room, Doc Mc Stuffin (2 different books featuring the exact episodes as shown on TV), Usborne-Things people do (particularly on Dr. Penny Sillin, the medical doctor and Dr.Mike Atsil, the vet) and recently on Day and Night featuring the life and situation in a workplace/home during the day and night; side by side (usually gravitating on the page featuring hospital room during the day vs night), recently into Usborne Pocket Science-Where do babies come from and not forgetting to mention about 'animal doctor' series on YouTube. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Fourth Anniversary ❤

With God’s grace and providence, we have sailed through four years of marriage together.God gave me you, for the ups and downs. God gave me you, for the days of doubt. For when I think I’ve lost my way and there are no words left to say, God gave me you (Anonymous). Looking back at the two little flower girls who are now young teens in secondary school and the same church we will be going tonight to observe our Friday night's service is a good reminder that God has been good all these while :)

Happy silk anniversary, hon and looking forward to embarking on our fifth year with more memories to be created together. 

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Arnab Village

26th December 2016 (A backdated post)

After checking out from our chalet in Nepenthes Lodge, National Park. We decided to visit the rabbit farm in Ranau in two cars. But my parents, bro and sis in the other car decided to detoured and return to KK not long after the massive congestion from the National Park’s entrance up to several miles ahead on the way up to Ranau but we had no choice as that way the only route home. Missy has been chanting that she wanted to go to the ‘zoo’, she finally dozed off while we were still stuck in the congestion.

The rabbit petting zoo, Arnab Village is located at Kg. Purakugis, approximately 12km from National Park on the right. The ‘zoo’ was located further in from the junction. When we have eventually arrived, the boss was contemplating whether to wake Missy up but I insisted as I know this little girl will not stop chanting ‘I want to go zoo’ the moment she wakes up. Hence, I gently woke her up and to my surprise, she was up and about instantly and couldn't wait to barge in.

After we have gotten our entrance ticket with a small fee of RM2 (adults only), we waited no longer but to get into the rather new attraction.  It was really hot by then but luckily, there was some shaded area for us to stop by. We went straight into the rabbit pen where rabbits roam freely. Abby had a good time petting the rabbits and even attempted carrying them. 
Tickets are ready!

Abby was a little apprehensive at first

Beginning to warm up

 We are friends!

One for the camera

Look at its length!

Someone is looking very pleased while striking a pose for the cameraman

Attempting to carry the rabbit on her own

The small enclosure helped us to get around easily with a reasonable array of different breeds of bunnies. The big hit of it was the ability to get around with the furry friends in such close proximity. Being able to held them one after another was definitely going to turn out to be one of Missy’s best childhood memories :).  Apparently, the enclosure was in the midst of upgrading progress and we will definitely be returning in the near future. 


By aikoakito