Thursday, 20 July 2017

35 Months

Abby turns 35 months today and will be celebrating her 3rd birthday next month.   

14.4kg (as of 160717)

Around 97cm.

16 pearly whites, both upper second molars are making their way through her gums.

Motor Skills
  • She loves playing with her Duplo again after a phase of hibernation (200617).
  • She has great patience and was very carried away whenever she plays with her Playdough set.
  • Apart from doctor play, she is also into dentist play lately. I am thankful that the dentist we previously went was a gentle elderly man. She was not frightened at all and even looking forward to seeing a dentist again in the future.
  • She has finally mastered the skill to blow a toy trumpet (which also requires abdominal tension) which she acquired during our last trip home – (290617).
  • Able to take off her pajamas on her own (090717).

Communication and Social Skills
  • One morning when she was still half awake and I left the washroom door ajar, she commented “too bright” (our room is usually dark/gloomy even in the morning because of the gray shade we had for our walls and curtains) and headed over to shut the door (200617).
  • Able to tell color of an object eg. A black cat, a red car, a yellow flower.
  • Among the snippet of conversation I had with the little vain-pot were;
  • “My nail not pretty anymore. My nail comes out” (230617).
  • “Wow, mommy wears love-love sam-sam (i.e shirt) and fufu (i.e pants)” after she observed that I wore a tee and shorts with heart prints to which I didn't notice myself (230617).
  • “Mommy, be careful. Later fall down break your bones” upon seeing me climbing up high to reach the top cabinets of the wardrobe in our room (230617).
  • During prayer, she said “thank you for kitchen set working” after I installed batteries to her toy stove (020717).
  • She accidentally dropped her newly bought toy guitar and picked it up in a jiffy and happily declared “still working, it’s still working” with a huge grin (040717).
  • We were playing a mobile doctor game together. She needed my help with a short game within a short time span to unlock and entitle her to claim a new tool. I must have appeared anxious when she said to me  “No worry, nevermind. Catch another one, mommy” (it was a  fish-catching mini game at that time). 040717
  • Her new favorite tagline was ‘No, not done yet. Finish my coloring first (or anything she is currently doing)” for shower/sleep (050717).
  • She has been asking for bob-bob one day, and I teased her by saying when can she offer me hers instead. She responded “Not bigger enough, when I get bigger, grow taller, bigger bob-bob, then can bob-bob” (060717).
  • She has been loving water coloring these days. When she saw me fishing out a new watercolor paint set (in fact was a long abandoned), she experimented it with some water she fetched from the sink and exclaimed “Wow, this is not sticky (while poking it with her finger tip). Hehehe so funny (grinning cheekily), mommy buy for me, milk first later do coloring” (060717).
  • She came across to the word “roof” lately when we replaced our roofing at home. When we came across an image of a home during our bedtime reading, she recalled “people fixed my roof. Roof broke down. Now no broken” (070717).
  • There was a night where dogs in the neighborhood were barking almost non-stop. She said “Mommy, dogs..” and I casually replied “Hmm, I wonder what’s wrong” I did not expect my reply has earned me this remark: “Dog has no mommy daddy, very cold, no cardigan”. LOL
  • Spontaneously reply with a “welcome” when she got thanked after (080717).
  • When we were learning about colors, I insisted her to tell the color of the object like a green apple, a yellow banana. When we covered orange, she gave me a disbelief look and said “orange....” LOL. I bet she sensed something was not so right if she were to repeat orange after another orange :P (090717).
  • Thanks to Peppa Pig series, this girl would occasionally make comparison remarks like “Big daddy, small mommy or small Abby” (100717).
  • There was once daddy lied on her bottom and commented “so nice”. While she was so carried away with her Peppa pig channels, she replied “yes, this is so nice!” without realizing that her daddy was actually referring to the ‘pillow’ he was sleeping on, before asking to be released :P
  • Able to remember and convey simple messages. When she saw me packing her clothes to be brought over to the in-laws, she said “Gu-po ask bring panty” – (170717).

Emotional Development
  • Loves the companion of her yi-yi (my sister) during their stay in our house when they came over for church’s orchestral practice. She warmed up herself with other two yi-yis (my cousin sisters) over the steamboat dinner in Sandakan Hotel (240617).
  • She has been so ‘loyal’ and attached to her old musical pony (the one she used to call as ‘little lamb’ half a year ago (270617).
  • She has developed a lot during our recent trip back to KK in June 2017. She got very close to her maternal grandparents/aunt and uncle. There was a night when she had a blast with grandpa/ma until almost midnight and has been a sweet talker too. She wouldn't hesitate to greet them, asking “Grandpa, where are you?”, “Grandma, what are you doing?” from time to time (300617).
  • She is not easily deceived these days. There was once when I attempted to release myself and claim some ME time with my mom, I suggested to my girl that if she follows her daddy and I will buy her something when I return. She was all fine initially until the last second she changed her mind and said “I wanna follow mommy, daddy buys” LOL. (300617).
  • Loves doing things together. Her favorite tagline was “let’s eat/play/pick-up toys together”. When I was baking something in the oven, she came over and say “Hmmmm, pie not yet ting (referring to the sound of the oven’s timer), later eat together” (100717).

Food and Feeding
  • We were glad that she finally consume a little bit of solid food nowadays.
  • It was surprising that she likes the pineapple tart (kuih raya) and was reported to be able to finish a whole mini chocolate bun by herself (050717).
  • Her aunt fed her with some homemade yogurt and she commented “Yikes, so slimy” and always prefer the store-bought one. (180717).

Her Firsts
  • She found her deh-deh’s old school stationary set consisting a mechanical pencil, leads and a double layered (green/white) eraser still intact with new packaging, probably aged more than 30 years ago. She was very happy when she discovered the old-fashioned mechanical pencil still working fine.
  • First wetting the bed since we got home from our KK holiday (130717)

  • She claimed her first fidget spinner, a Minnie Mouse (to compliment her Mickey plush toy from Hollywood’s Disneyland she received from her sook-sook), a Mickey tee and M&M’s Rockstar as a souvenir from Manila from cong-gung (010717).
  • She received another stash of souvenirs also from cong-gung (i.e grand uncle) who just got back from another vacation trip – a fiery red dinosaur, a Mickey mouse on a truck (both batteries operated), another fidget spinner with lights. 
  • She has been rejecting the previous toothpaste she has been using for many moons (may be contributed by her uneasy gum too), and I finally get her a Jack n’ Jill in raspberry flavor. She rejected it too for the few nights and is starting to accept the flavor now (020717)
  • Showing interest towards “police videos”  - Youtube video clips featuring policeman characters including Robocar Poli (080717).
  • This little fella has a good memory, and persistent too. She insisted that she was looking for her coin while holding onto another 2. Most of us in the family searched high and low and eventually convinced that she might have remembered wrong or could have not noticed that she was actually already holding on just 2 coins, not until I found the remaining one inside the food waste underneath the used tissues (150717).
  • Can tell the name of all the characters in Peppa Pig &Paw Patrol (her two favorites).
  • She has been obsessed with fancy plasters lately. She scraped her knee on the concrete floor before this and has been requesting for plasters every now and then by claiming that ‘my leg is still a little bit painful, need plaster later bleeding’. There was another occasion when I offered her plaster of smaller size, she said “too small, let’s see (if it was sufficient to cover the affected area)”

Sleeping Patterns
  • Her recent bedtime favorite book – Change a story book (200617), opted for a sticker book activity in exchange for a few nights consecutively (120717).
  • I have recently started her on books emphasizing on moral values loaned from the RE Division Library. She enjoyed borrowing books from the library too (160717).
  • There was a night when she was a little grouchy, probably did not get her afternoon nap. She refused to let me off to get myself ready for bed. So, I said, “If I did not brush my teeth, the germs from my mouth might be going to your face”. She quickly responded “Mommy, brush your teeth quick. Brush hard-hard” (160717).
  • She has been bringing the red dinosaur to bed for a few nights and spinner to bed almost every other nights. 

Toilet Training
  • Able to take off her pants and undies to sit on a potty steadily (220617).
  • She is no longer the little girl who needs to be reminded to go on the potty/toilet. There was once when I casually check her skirt as I suspected she might have wet her pants, she refused and said “No, no wet. Deh-deh asked abby shee-shee already” (230617).
  • We were so proud of her that she went dry the whole week we stayed in KK and followed by another week at home (since 2606 - 050717). She has been progressing well with her toilet training so far except with a couple accidents.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Pretend Play: Doctor Abby

Little Miss Abby was into Doctor play since many moons back. Thus far, we have gotten her 3 doctor play sets and occasionally, she was given the privilege to play with her doctor gugu (paternal aunt) and sook-sook’s (paternal uncle) stethoscope. Besides, she has started to take a liking to watching cartoon the moment she discovered Doc McStuffin by chance. Since then, she has been starting to evolve as the ‘family’s doctor’. There was a phase when she kept chanting ‘Doctor Pang’ and self-proclaimed herself as ‘doctor’ at home and the in-laws. LOL.

She can fix toys, relief pain, giving a jab using her cough syrup’s syringe, wrapping teddy’s head with tissue as a bandage, reliving mommy’s water plant by adding water from the tap. 

She loves to be read all sorts of doctor-related materials from the Doctor for a day, Emergency Room, Doc Mc Stuffin (2 different books featuring the exact episodes as shown on TV), Usborne-Things people do (particularly on Dr. Penny Sillin, the medical doctor and Dr.Mike Atsil, the vet) and recently on Day and Night featuring the life and situation in a workplace/home during the day and night; side by side (usually gravitating on the page featuring hospital room during the day vs night), recently into Usborne Pocket Science-Where do babies come from and not forgetting to mention about 'animal doctor' series on YouTube. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Fourth Anniversary ❤

With God’s grace and providence, we have sailed through four years of marriage together.God gave me you, for the ups and downs. God gave me you, for the days of doubt. For when I think I’ve lost my way and there are no words left to say, God gave me you (Anonymous). Looking back at the two little flower girls who are now young teens in secondary school and the same church we will be going tonight to observe our Friday night's service is a good reminder that God has been good all these while :)

Happy silk anniversary, hon and looking forward to embarking on our fifth year with more memories to be created together. 


By aikoakito