Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Her choice of books

Recently, Missy has developed a liking toward books and has been requesting me to read them fo her. She will shove me a book and say “ah-mi read”. Upon seeing her interest and the ability to divert (partly or sometimes, totally) from the tablet, I am more than being pleased to spend more on her books these days. I have been having fun shopping for children books from the virtual and online bookstores, both new and preloved ones. Most of the time, I would be bringing Missy and the boss along. I was the one who usually get over excited seeing and selecting colorful, bright colored books, with flip ups or musical buttons and so forth. There was once after the boss picked a handful of children books for Missy, we headed to the counter for payment with a pile of 20+ books. When we were about to leave, Missy resisted and she was grabbing and insisted to leave with the book of her choice. We relented and detoured to the counter for payment. One thing I have noticed with my girl, she is rather firm and determined with her choice - a classical story dated back in 1981 entitled "Alfie gets in first". 

Her all time favourite 

Unlike her mommy, she would say ‘No’ to books she does not fancy but grabbing one tight and hard to those she really loves. True enough, the books of her choice are among those she wanted me to read repetitively before bed every other night.  Since then, I have made it a point to involve her in the selection of her books. Nevertheless, I am still buying her those I like with a convenient excuse “she will love them when she’s older” :P

Another favourite of hers - Playtime Teddy puppet book

It is interesting to see what books that tickled her fancy at the bookstores and I am glad that she doesn’t just go for videos all the time. The boss and I are currently in the midst of planning in setting up a mini library in one of the corners of our living room. Although I am not very much a book person but book shopping is my new obsession :)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

24 Months

Abby turned 24 months (two years old!) last week.


Not measured.

Still 16 pearly whites.

Motor Skills
  • Recognises the diapers she has been wearing in the supermarket. She pointed to the exact brand/packaging and pointing to the diaper she is wearing that time.
  • She insisted to brush her own teeth and requested for ‘eh-paste’ (toothpaste) each time. Sometimes mistaken oitment that comes in a tube as toothpaste.
  • Current favourite song – Give me oil in my lamp with actions.
  • Understands the value of money. Thanks to MIL who loves to ask for her ‘help’ in the shop and AIL who loves to involve her with marketing almost every morning. She chanced upon a gold medal and mistaken them as ‘chin chin’ (money in Cantonese). LOL On another note, she saw a RM10 note in my handphone cover. She has been telling me to “open” and “buy mom-mom”. Tsk tsk (290716).
  • Has finally mustered the courage and shown liking towards the horse spring bouncer in the playground. Ever since then, she has been calling horse ‘eh-dock’ instead of ‘neigh-neigh’ (300716).
  • When she saw me trimming my nails one day, she doesn't want to miss out a fair share. She has been requesting me to “cut” her “leg”(i.e toe nails) by bringing my hand with nail clipper near to her toes (030816).
  • Monkey see monkey do. This little vain pot loves to rummage into my custom jewelry box and sometimes into my brooches collection. She would pick one to her liking and put it near to her earlobe, pretending as if putting onto earrings.
  • Loves baby songs series, where she can prance and dance along.
  • She has been Ah Tai's Florence Nightingale for sometime now. She has been helping her deh-deh and sook-sook to put Ah Tai to bed, help lift her legs to the bed and quickly grab the blanket by holding at one edge to help cover Ah Tai :)
  • Loves to wear her socks and shoe on her own. But whenever she get to sit down on a chair on anywhere, she wants to take off her shoes and socks immediately and the cycles goes around several times during church services. 

Communication and Social Skills
  • Whenever she sees deh-deh peeling the apples, she would say “deh-deh peel”.
  • Understands the “buy” term. Whenever we are telling her something had gone or finish, she would suggest us to “buy”. At times, when someone asked her who bought her the shoes/stationaries, she would go “Ah-mee/Deh-deh (or whoever who has bought her that something accurately) buy (bought)”
  • Surprised us by saying “ka-choon” for eggs in Hakka. Not sure where did she picked that up from.
  • She imitated us during vocal training and it was seriously funny.
  • Can distinguish charge and change. When she was half way watching YouTube on the tablet and had a sudden shut-down, she quickly handed it to us and say “ah mee/deh-deh chas (charge)”. On another occasion, when i told her that her diapers are soiled and almost ‘exploded’, she would say “chash” (change). Whenever she got bored with the baby songs at Ah Tai’s, she would request her gu-po to change into another DVD.
  • Other words she can say: ‘eh-paste’ (toothpaste), egg-tart, ‘eh-q’ (thank you), ‘eh-go’ (Ergo when she wants me to carry her like a kangaroo with the Ergo carrier)
  • She had a fall when she was sitting on Ah-Tai’s walking aid with SIL pushing her around at Ah Tai’s place. She fell because the sitting pane flipped over due to imbalance weight (she was sitting too near to the edge). Upon reaching Ah Tai’s place that evening, she was crying loudly and insisted me to carry her right away. When i asked what happened, she complained about the slight bruise on the knee and told me that “ta-choo pushed” (040816). LOL.
  • Whenever she chance upon something with numeral characters i.e counters, clock; she would start uttering 1,2,3,4,5,6, 8,910.
  • Can imitate the sound animal produces; a monkey (along with a chimpanzee gestures), horse, dog, rooster, elephant, and more.  

Emotional Development
  • Shows affection to her plush toys and Barbie. Whenever she gets close to them, she would soften down her voice and say “Hi barbie” and sometimes generously shared bob-bob with them.
  • She chanced upon my c-sect wound one day and called them “butt-butt” *roll eyes* When I pretended I was in pain, she grimaced and immediately run to get my Shaklee herbal blend and say “put ork-ork” (i.e york-york aka medicine in Hakka). She’s indeed a darling when she is in a good mood.

Food and Feeding
  • Although she doesn't eat much, she doesn't want to be left behind during our meal times. She has been sitting on her high chair for meals at home. Whenever we dine out, she would request for her “bb-chair”.
  • During her meal times, she would request for soup, “choi-choi” (i.e vegetable) upon her request and chicken wings if there is. 
  • So far, she has tried long beans, spinach, cauliflowers, brocolli. Despite she has been requesting for "choi-choi" every other night, she has only been licking the gravy or taking in very small bites only. 

  • Registered a mild fever, cough & flu and cried her lungs out during our visit to the doctor (090816) and that caused her to loss quite a bit of weight.
  • Celebrated her second birthday on the exact day. 

Sleeping Patterns
  • Covers herself up with the comforter and says ‘oi oi’ during bedtime.
  • She has been saying “night night” to the boss and I every other night. But, on the blue moon (290716), she sponteneously went “ah-mee, deh-deh night night”. Followed on with “bear oi-oi (i.e sleep), bob-bob (offering the bear her mommy’s mammary gland), and oi-oi (covering teddy up with comforter).
  • Still waking up at night requesting for ‘milk-milk’ for 2-3 times nightly. Each time before and after dwoning her 6oz of milk, she would request for bob-bob.
  • She favours right bob better than the left. Probably because it has higher yield during my pumping days. At times, when I offer her leftie, she would “press” to assure if there’s still supply. Upon seeing milk oozing out, she would quickly lean over and suckling happily (040816).

Her Firsts
  • Received her first attendance gift upon clocking in for the 10th time to RE Class (140816). She was given the chance to draw her lucky number and got a Hello Kitty stationary set, very much to her delight.
  • Received a few units of Sanrio merchandise – Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin (McD Happy Meals), courtesy of her sook-sook. She has been naming the male Twin Star character as Jude Jude (her cousin brother), and taking the female as herself :P

Friday, 19 August 2016

Busy like a bee

The peak season has dawn. I was kept busy since last two weeks and I foresee this to subside until early of next year. I was literally caught in the quicksand and desperately grasping onto the life line. It has been a non-stop whirlwind of activities both from the domestic and professional front. Tired and feeling so overwhelmed but I am constantly reminding myself to be grateful. I seldom feel this ‘productive’ and I am trying hard to stay ahead of deadlines. At the moment, I have to prioritize my to-do-list. I have kept aside my ‘Racing Car’ and long overdue photo-book project, missed out a few of Missy’s milestone updates, slowing down with my baking experiments and not to mention, trying to do less online shopping these days (easier said than done) :P

A sneak peek into tomorrow's celebration

TGIF! Throughout this week, I was working on a mini animal themed birthday celebration for Missy. My preparation was mainly on the table, deco and maybe a couple of simple menu. Food and cake were sweetly delegated and well taken care of by the family members. It was simply therapeutic after a busy day at work :) I couldn't believe tomorrow is the day! Unlike last year, we had a ‘girly themed’ DIY party but the adults had more fun compared to the birthday girl since she was the one and only 4th Pang generation in the house. This year, also surrounded by all adults but I bet she would enjoy better since she had so much fun blowing off candles last week and all these while, she loved being sung ‘Happy Birthday’ song – during her deh-deh, yeh-yeh and ah-mee's birthday :) Next, the boss and I must make the effort to go for our annual check up, I will busy planning, researching, emailing, frequenting several agencies/institutions/sites and sorting out our itinerary for this coming working holidays in September whilst the boss is making preparation for his upcoming conference to China next month. On another note, we are still contemplating if we should bite the bullet whether we should be driving back to my hometown for the first time instead of flying home this coming Raya Haji's holiday. 


By aikoakito