Tuesday, 22 November 2016

First Sewing Project: Sewing Machine Cover

Lately, I have fallen in love with sewing. My mom had gotten me a new Singer electric sewing machine sometime early 2013 but the machine had been serving as a white elephant all these years. I have once lent it to my aunt and sis-in-law. But, back it went to the shelf and remained as a display item.  The sudden urge to pick up sewing came about when the boss suddenly required me to thread the machine for him to alter the length of his new trousers a night before going outstation for a conference the next morning. With a surprised and skeptical look whether my boss can actually  sew, I was guilt-ridden and ashamed of myself too :P In fact, we have been asking for AIL’s help all these while and since she is currently working on her daughter’s wedding gown, we didn't want to bother her this round. I was feeling so culpable  for not knowing how to thread a machine despite owning it for almost a good 4 years! So, i ended up offering the boss to hand sew instead.

Over a casual conversation with AIL (mentioned above) whom inspired me to bake before this about my intention to learn sewing from her, she dropped by our place the following afternoon and taught me how to thread upper and lower thread. The following day, I went through my Pinterest album again and went through all the sewing projects i have once admired and pinned with my wishful thinking of producing them myself.  When mojo kicked it, I rummaged into my stash of sewing materials (I have been hoarding these stuff all these while despite I did not sew) and made my maiden attempt to produce a sewing machine cover simply because it appeared to be among the simpler one, and partly because I don't have an easy-to-access cover for my machine (except the waterproof cover and a travelling bag that came along with the machine, which are perfect for machine storage).

This is my first sewing project with my machine :)  It may not be my first time sewing lines with a machine, but definitely my first time handling a bias tape and sponge and not to mention threading a machine (like a pro now? LOL). The output was a far from perfect one. The seams and bias tape are messy, lines are crooked, and may be countless to be mentioned one by one. But, guess what? My all-time-fan, my girl decided to trade her favorite traveling blanket with this ‘mini comforter’ and refused to return it to me when I was half way through the project :D.  

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Humpty Dumpty

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Missy is musically inclined. She loves to dance and sing. And, I have been exposing her to certain nursery rhymes like winkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black sheep, Incy Wincy Spider and recently to Humpty Dumpty by chance and didn't expect her to love them as much as I do. Most of the time, she is only able to hum along and complete the end syllable rather accurately. Coincidentally, I managed to grab her a classical Ladybird series on Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy Spider books online that comes along with various other rhymes in each book!  

She loved them to bits and on the very same night when I showed it to her, i caught her attempting to recite Humpty Dumpty several times while pointing on the book on the right page (pretending as if she can read) and had been pestering daddy and mommy to “draw Humpty” as our bedtime activity for the rest of the night! :P


Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pretend Play: Cutting Fruits & Vegetables

She has been requesting to watch these videos for quite sometime on Youtube prior to this. Last Sunday (061116) in Harbour Mall, after collecting her cutlery set which i have left at Four Point’s dining hall the night before, we headed over to the mall next door for a stroll. Since she has been requesting for Vitagen, hence we went into the grocery store in the mall. While going through the aisle, she spotted this velcro  fruits and vegetables cutting playset and quickly shoved the Vitagen to me, requesting me to “put back” (return) it to the shelf. I am glad that she is still adhering to our “one-at-a-time policy”. She can only pick one item at a time :) But, when I tried to coax her to get a larger set with more parts (slightly more expensive but ‘economic’ in mommy’s opinion), she refused and persisted with the one  she first laid her eyes on. Did i mention that I have a very determined and persistant little girl? LOL

Never did I know that this playset can turn out to be the best investment (and cheapest) we have ever made. She loved her toys to bits and it had been a good babysitter for few days in a stretch, She had been so engrossed with them and I have never seen my girl to be so stingy and protective towards her stuff with the church kids before this :O


By aikoakito