Friday, 19 August 2016

Busy like a bee

The peak season has dawn. I was kept busy since last two weeks and I foresee this to subside until early of next year. I was literally caught in the quicksand and desperately grasping onto the life line. It has been a non-stop whirlwind of activities both from the domestic and professional front. Tired and feeling so overwhelmed but I am constantly reminding myself to be grateful. I seldom feel this ‘productive’ and I am trying hard to stay ahead of deadlines. At the moment, I have to prioritize my to-do-list. I have kept aside my ‘Racing Car’ and long overdue photo-book project, missed out a few of Missy’s milestone updates, slowing down with my baking experiments and not to mention, trying to do less online shopping these days (easier said than done) :P

A sneak peek into tomorrow's celebration

TGIF! Throughout this week, I was working on a mini animal themed birthday celebration for Missy. My preparation was mainly on the table, deco and maybe a couple of simple menu. Food and cake were sweetly delegated and well taken care of by the family members. It was simply therapeutic after a busy day at work :) I couldn't believe tomorrow is the day! Unlike last year, we had a ‘girly themed’ DIY party but the adults had more fun compared to the birthday girl since she was the one and only 4th Pang generation in the house. This year, also surrounded by all adults but I bet she would enjoy better since she had so much fun blowing off candles last week and all these while, she loved being sung ‘Happy Birthday’ song – during her deh-deh, yeh-yeh and ah-mee's birthday :) Next, the boss and I must make the effort to go for our annual check up, I will busy planning, researching, emailing, frequenting several agencies/institutions/sites and sorting out our itinerary for this coming working holidays in September whilst the boss is making preparation for his upcoming conference to China next month. On another note, we are still contemplating if we should bite the bullet whether we should be driving back to my hometown for the first time instead of flying home this coming Raya Haji's holiday. 

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Little BIG shoes lover

Missy has been rather selective with her own shoes these days. She knows how to pick and put on her socks & shoes all on her own. After trying on our slippers, she is finally willing to put on her flip flop slippers. One thing for sure, she adores adult or our shoes which she claimed ‘shoee’ (sounded more like ‘choo’) and ‘liang liang’ (pretty in Hakka) if the shoe/heels comes with anything that tickles her fancy or my heels with blings or all sorts of pretty ornaments. Well, that's exactly what girls are made of, right? - sugar and spice & all things nice! :)

Caught in action

It had been a while since I spotted her trying on my heels and recently, I caught her removing her sandal and slip on her aunt’s Jelly bunny peep toe wedges sneakily and started walking away happily :)

My bib says it all! Taken @ 1y3mo

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

23 Months

Abby turns 23months (1y11m) today! Can hardly believe that my little big girl is turning two in just a month time away.  

11kg (+0.7kg from previous month) 

Around 85cm.

Still 16 pearly whites. Showing symtoms (itchy gums) of new pearly whites coming out.

Motor Skills
  • Loves to run. Whenever i shouted at her ‘Dont run!’, she would slow down her pace, looking at me and say ‘walk’ and walked as usual but continue running not long after that.
  • She is able to go up the slides all on her own at the playground.
  • Monkey see monkey do. When she saw Ah Tai’s dentures were taken off, she attempted to pull out her set of teeth too! (250616) LOL
  • Being able to put her toes at good use. She is able to grasp / pick up small items with her toes (300616).
  • Has better attention span playing jigsaw at home after her attempt playing with elder kids in the church (030716).
  • She is better at pretend play. She would put her teddy to sleep, Duplo friends to kneel down and pray, helping bunny to brush her teeth etc.
  • Able to put CD to the DVD player tray and press the right button to play.
  • Able to spit (partly swallowed) but not gargle.
  • Has the strength to prop her hands on something sturdy to sustain her own weight before swinging her legs front and back (070716).
  • Is able to bend herself to reach her foot. Loves to bring her foot up to touch her nose, ears and chin (picked up from the kids song video).

Communication and Social Skills
  • Can hum / sing simple tunes. Among the songs she would hum along with me are Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars (whenever she look up the sky and pointed me the stars whenever we got back home after dinner)
  • Understands opposites (up & down, ‘eh-pen’ (open) & close, big & small, run& walk and more).
  • Knows how to bargain. During our trip to the playground and while she was having fun going up the stairs for the slide, when we say ‘Come on, let’s go’, she would reply ‘One’, sometimes ‘One, plish’ with her index finger pointing upwards indicating one more time. But, as expected, her ‘one more time’ is subjected to repetition :P
  • Can parrot up to three syllable words (i.e: he-li-cop for helicopter)
  • Can answer to simple questions whenever we look at an image / books.
  • Can mention and point to her body parts simulteneously and accurately. So far, she is able to point and say eyes, nose, ‘outh’ (mouth) and leg.
  • Says ‘plish’ (please) and ‘thaen’ (thanks) conviniently these days.
  • Other words she can say: o-bot (robot), air-plane (aeroplane), e-bird (angry bird), air-ground (playground)
  • Occasionally, she is able to tell when she has poo-ed by saying ‘dirty’ (0040716).
  • A clean (but messy) queen in the making. When she saw a single strain of hair in her puzzle box, she quickly exclaimed ‘dirty’. On another note, she loves pulling tissue out from the box or tearing off tissues from a roll to wipe areas she thinks  dirty and excalimed ‘wipe’ (050716).

Emotional Development
  • Able to make surprise tone by exclaming ‘eh-cheng’ or ‘oh-oh’ (i.e oh-no!)
  • The boss and I trying to make a no gadget policy in the bedroom at night. We are trying to refrain from attending to any Whatsapp messages and reading online comics from Ipad whenever possible. Last two days, she can somehow sooth herself up when her addiction strikes but not obliged by deh-deh nor mommy when she requested for videos. She was seen to run over to her baby cot (read: storage area) to look for her Yamaha keyboard, children laptop and her Leapfrog Leap Pad (anything that produces music I think). The boss and I were trying so hard not to laugh out loud.

Food and Feeding
  • Still barely take take her main meals but having better or raveneous appetite at night. Since i have started her on formula at 18mo, only until last two weeks she had been requesting ‘milk-milk’ twice around 2am and 5am. After downing the bottle of milk, she would request for ‘bob-bob’ before getting back to sleep.
  • Loves apple and call them ‘ae-pooh’ followed by ‘aam’ (gesturing apple muching).
  • Likes her milk to served lukewarm (ratio of 2oz of boiling water + 4oz room temperature water). If the temperature is a little hotter than usual, she would say 'nyet' (hot in Hakka) or 'ot' (hot), returning the bottle to us and request it to be ‘washed’ (run over tap water to cool down).

  • Contracted the germy germs from mommy – flu, chesty cough, laryngitis (240616).
  • Being a see-no-touch type of cat lover, she was frightened and got traumatized (for one night only) when the cat stretches out its arm and almost scratches her face during a dinner with my colleagues. She was crying loudly and it was my bad for not keeping a close eye at her although I was just beside her when she got too excited and attempted to touch the cat with a slightly older jie-jie (my colleague’s daughter).
  • She hurt her scalp from a fall after running out from the bathroom like a spring chicken. It was such a heartache and worrisome when I first smell blood tinge when I blew on her scalp (a way we soothe each other after getting hurt).
  • Developed thumb suckling and loves directing our fingers into her mouth and bite gently, probably to soothe her gums.
  • Developed rashes on the buttock and loves scratching on them till bleeds. So far, I applied Shaklee herbal blend at night and she was on Sudocream during the day at Ah Tai :(
  • Had her second haircut from home by same walk-in hairstylist, who came over to trim Ah Tai’s and MIL’s hair. According to aunt in-law, she quickly exclaimed ‘no-no-no’ when she saw the lady came down from the car but she finally obliged when they promised her for a trip to the playground the same evening (190716).

Sleeping Patterns
  • Her long forgotten bunny, a gift from her maternal gung gung and popo is now back in action. They have been co-sleeping lately. She would tuck her under the comforter before getting herself positioned beside bunny :P
  • As far as I could recall, the little missy has never fancied any sort of blankie. Even as young as one month until last couple of weeks, she would throw a kicking fit whenever we cover her with a blanket or swaddle her. Out of a sudden, she requested me to cover her with the comforter. Even if I didn’t, she would make the effort to drag the super thick comforter up to her chest. I later found out that she picked this up from a kids VCD which she watched at Ah Tai with her grandaunt.

Her Firsts
  • Received her first advanced 2nd birthday pressie from maternal grandparents (a two aka four wheels bicycle which she handpicked herself during our KK/Miri trip.
  • Received a toy car from deh-deh during the visit to JR House (060716).
  • Received a tricycle from grandaunt (070716) as early birthday pressie.
  • Attended her (our) first RE Family Day 2016 last Sunday (170716) in the church.
  • Despite we have bought her numerous color pencils or magic colors, we bought her the first Jumbo color pencils and she adored them so much up to the extend bringing it to bed and looking for it when she woke up in the middle of the night (200616).


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